Rill + Stone is a homewares range created by its founder Brooke Aitken. Brooke is an award-winning Antipodean Architect and Interior Designer whose passion is to design beautiful spaces for residential clients across the world. Her practice's ethos is to combine architecture and interior design for a
seamless finish.

Rill + Stone was formed to provide both created and curated products that are an extension of Brooke's aesthetic and core values of quality, beauty, and sustainability. The collection is inspired by the elements and we aim to create a pause in our busy lives to reflect and refuel within our homes with these pieces.  Rills are rivulets of flowing water, essential to life and ever in flux exploring new land. Stone connotes longevity, classic timeless design. Here you will find the best of these themes for years to come.


We have a passion for creating beautiful spaces. Our collection can play a key role in creating these spaces in your home.  Our offerings will continue to grow as we develop collaborations and products that pass our discerning requirements.

Brooke’s rug collection collaboration “Passage” with Tsar Carpets has been designed to both celebrate and mark the passage of time with 6 remarkably different rugs in two colourways each. The rugs are made with the highest quality New Zealand wool and manufactured by Tsar Carpet’s highly skilled artisans. Each rug creates an entirely different mood for a room. 

The Passage Collection Celebrates the Passing of time and Joy of Seasons 


Rug Collection