Autumn surrounds me,
Its fragile leaves fall gently
In the warmest hues.

Adisri P


Autumn Midnight is a kaleidoscope of colours and textures on a forest floor, dragged into motion.


2m x 3m with 8mm pile height.

75% wool and 25% tencel.

Autumn Midnight

SKU: AM2201
  • We collaborated with Tsar Carpets as they manufacture rugs to last a lifetime. Tsar Carpets use the highest quality design principles, materials, and quality assurance to create heirloom products. Rill + Stone’s ethos is of longevity of use for a sustainable future, one that Tsar Carpet’s products embody. Tsar uses the finest grade of New Zealand wool to create hand-tufted rugs that are both highly durable and soft under foot.

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